Talent Management

Talent management refers to the process of identifying, developing and integrating new talent, developing and keeping your current talent, and attracting highly skilled talent to work for your company.

Executive Development

Executive development includes activities such as coaching and developing the skills and competencies of those who currently occupy or will occupy senior manager and executive positions within an organization. Executives are typically identified as the top 5% to 10% of the organization and/or those who participant in the executive compensation program.

Strategy Development and Planning

EIS Strategy Development and Planning is the process of defining or redefining an organization’s vision and strategy for the current economic times and ever changing landscape of its industry. Once that is achieved, EIS works with the executive team to make appropriate decisions on implementation while building on the organization’s unique culture. EIS works in partnership with our clients to develop a competitive advantage- one of embracing a culture of execution by effectively linking strategy, operations and human capital to attain your goals and objectives.

Best-Practice Solutions

Some organizations know that they need help but do not want to go through the process of creating a custom-designed solution. For those who prefer a best-practice solution, we have time-tested options available.

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