This certification is designed for professionals who want to understand and developing Emotional Intelligence in individuals for personal and professional performance, and those who want to develop effective communication between individuals, within teams, and throughout the entire organization.

About this Program

We can increase our emotional intelligence by being able to recognize our own feelings, differentiate between them, understand why these feelings emerge in different situations and to recognize the impact of these emotions have on others around us and the degree of control over of our potential alienating behavior. Also, to be successful in our personal and professional lives implies the awareness of our strengths and weaknesses.

Another aspect of these elements is the ability to balance work life and personal life. While in the past there has been an overemphasis on the workaholic life style, finding that balance is associated with more effective performance in all our activities. If we can manage our own life well—managing stress, home life fitness, diet—then the chances are higher that the workplace will be well managed. Finally, even if we live under pressure, we would not flare up or lose control even under difficult circumstances.

Learning Objectives

After the workshop, participants will be able to:

Attendance policy

Participation in all originally scheduled days of the certification is mandatory in order to receive the certificate of completion. Participants who miss more than two hours of the entire program will not be eligible to receive the certificate. Participants who fulfill the attendance requirement will be able to take the exam. After you complete the in-class portion of certification, you will have access to the final exam on line from the same place you accessed your e-learning modules.

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Payment must be made via bank transfer and paid in advance.

There is a discounted rate if payment is received not less than two weeks prior to the certification.

If payment is made within two-weeks of the first day of the certification, there is no discount.

For person attending the same certification from your company, there is a discount. An additional discount applies for payment received two weeks prior to the certification. The discount applies if you pay with the first person.


Payment may be made by ACH or wire transfer (the details for the transfer will be provided in the invoice).


Cancellations are not accepted for any reason but you may attend another certification within 12 month, or you may send another person in your place.

We reserve the right to cancel courses that do not meet the minimum number of participants


It is the participant's responsibility to make the necessary arrangements for your transportation and stay in the city where the certification is held. EI Solutions Group will not be responsible for travel expenses incurred due to cancellation of a workshop.

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